Super Code UI

  • 14 built-in code box styles
  • Two series
  • Just introduce a CSS
  • The global general

🎂 How To Use

Download Super_Code_UI.css into your server

Put into root dir, and put code into your html:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="Super_Code_UI.css">


🌯 Example

My Typecho-Theme: Mix uses this css.

Here is My Theme:

<div class="Scode-Black">Here is Scode-Black, Maybe used in ?</div>
<div class="Scode-Blue">Here is Scode-Blue, Maybe used in ?</div>
<div class="Scode-Red">Here is Scode-Red, Maybe used in ?</div>
<div class="Scode-Pink">Here is Scode-Pink, Maybe used in ?</div>
<div class="Scode-Pink-Pro">Here is Scode-Pink-Pro, Maybe used in ?</div>
<div class="Scode-Green">Here is Scode-Green, Maybe used in ?</div>
<div class="Scode-zise">Here is Scode-zise, Maybe used in ?</div>
<div class="Scode-mhz">Here is Scode-mhz, Maybe used in ?</div>
<div class="Scode-xgh">Here is Scode-xgh, Maybe used in ?</div>
<div class="Scode-tkzc">Here is Scode-tkzc, Maybe used in ?</div>
<div class="Scode-xyz">Here is Scode-xyz, Maybe used in ?</div>
<div class="Scode-gll">Here is Scode-gll, Maybe used in ?</div>
<div class="Scode-xty">Here is Scode-xty, Maybe used in ?</div>
<div class="Scode-yyz">Here is Scode-yyz, Maybe used in ?</div>
<div class="Shadow">Here is a Shadow Style, Maybe used in ?</div>
2020-12-27 代码开发·none